Why travel safety is important?

It's important to stay alert while in public spaces. Keep your luggage and personal belongings visible at all times. Petty theft is much more common in foreign countries than you might expect. Pickpockets and scammers can be prevalent in many of the places you'll visit while traveling internationally.

You never think you need travel insurance, until you do. Everyone needs travel insurance, no matter how long your trip lasts or where you're going. Travel insurance gives you peace of mind in all kinds of unexpected situations, such as injury, illness, theft or loss of valuables. Nobody expects to lose their expensive camera, or get sick in a foreign country and receive a big hospital bill.

But it can happen to anyone, no matter how careful you are. Remember, if you can't afford travel insurance, you can't. In the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks, the subsequent closure of Brussels and the travel warning issued by the United States Government, any manager responsible for travelers should rightly question the risks to which employees may be exposed and review what support they need to stay safe. Not only is it an excellent travel safety tip, but it's also a sign of respect for local customs and will help you avoid offending the locals.

Follow these 7 travel safety tips to help you make a trip memorable for all the right reasons. However, fear can be debilitating, and a good educational process with a supportive structure for the traveler can give you the peace of mind you deserve and allow you to travel safely. The Department of State has a travel advice page for every country in the world, which lists all known difficulties and current threats to visitor safety. While everyone cares about traveler safety, no department can have the budget, resources, and most importantly, board support to implement a company-wide travel risk management process.

You'll likely make new friends and feel much safer with an expert tour guide, who can also share some safety tips for traveling locally. Travel safety is about staying smart on the street, preparing for the unexpected, and minimizing your exposure to risky situations in a new and unknown country. For travel risk, this generally takes into account a number of factors that can affect a traveler, such as health, safety and transportation, and allows an organization to have measures for these different rating levels rather than having to look at individual countries. When such an employee travels to another low-risk destination, the risk does not change significantly, it is still incredibly unlikely that they will become a victim of extreme violence, however, now their employer has a responsibility to ensure their safety.

Two of the most important safety tips for traveling with money; never carry large amounts of cash (carry an international bank card and use local ATMs when you need cash) and never keep all your money and bank cards in one place. Most companies understand the need for a robust travel risk management process and appropriate policies and procedures to support their travelers. I know some women who feel safer carrying a safety whistle and a doorstop alarm when traveling alone as well.

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