What is the safest country to travel to?

Ranked as the safest countries in the world for travel, Iceland is a premier destination for stress-free travel. After years of doing this, it's clear that travelers think that Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Sweden, Iceland, Ireland and Japan are quite safe countries, and their perceptions are reinforced by other measurements. Canada is also a sure addition to the inner circle. These ratings are not predictive, that is, just because we say Canada is safe doesn't mean it will be in the future.

Things like pandemics can really spoil things, and also quickly. Iceland surpassed the Global Peace Index and lagged slightly behind Canada as the safest country in our survey. Reality supports the numbers, and now that the volume of tourists has dropped, it returns to its relaxed roots. Yes, but you need proof of vaccination.

Travellers are also admitted, according to the Times article, “if they have recovered from COVID-19 and continue to test positive, provided they can present a positive molecular test result for coronavirus in a sample taken between 14 and 180 days before arrival in Canada. Ireland is always one of the countries with the highest votes in our traveller survey, and its cities also score highly on GeoSure. We used an average of the scores of eight subcategories for the calculation of the safest places used above. These are the top 10 lists for subcategories.

Japan is recognized as a country where violent crimes are virtually non-existent, and the rest of the top 10 have the same type of reputation. Many of these countries have highly developed rail systems; the rest (except Thailand) are simply easy to navigate. Israel had never been included in our ranking before this year, although it should have been, based on its popularity. Therefore, it is possible that Israel has always been considered a safe destination.

For the past few years, male travelers have been interested in Switzerland, Sweden, Iceland and (when it makes our ranking) Canada. Kit Kiefer is a former travel writer for The New York Times and has more than 30 years of independent experience writing about domestic and international travel. He blogs and produces content for Winbound, a content marketing firm. Only available if the policy is purchased within 15 days of the initial trip deposit.

In terms of international measures, Costa Rica appears at the top of some categories. Thanks to a creatively proactive healthcare system that assigns a team of nurses and doctors to every citizen, Costa Rica now has a longer life expectancy than the United States. It also has better-than-usual hospitals and health services, particularly compared to its neighbors. Costa Rica also has the highest scores in Latin America in the Global Peace Index, which measures social security (Iceland topped the general list; see above), the degree of militarization (Costa Rica has no army) and the extent of the ongoing national and international conflict.

Once heavily affected by the coronavirus, Nepal is today one of the safest places to visit in the world. Our list of the 12 safest countries to visit is compiled from the 30 safest countries in the world (according to GPI) and then narrowed down based on what makes a country good to visit, such as infrastructure, cultural interest, natural appeal, landmarks or attractions, and ease of travel. The land of fire and ice has successfully captivated the imagination of travelers around the world. What helps make Iceland the next best destination, even for nervous travelers, is its GPI rating.

Iceland returns to first place in the GPI standings for the eighth consecutive time. It's excellent infrastructure and an extremely low crime rate only helps your case. By sharing a continent with tourism heavyweights such as France, Italy and Spain, Portugal may go unnoticed by some. However, it is a place that has still pristine beaches and a rugged coastline, exciting cities such as Lisbon and Porto, and its own distinctive and delicious cuisine.

In addition, very favorable GPI ratings in all categories and a relatively low crime rate make Portugal one of the safest countries in Europe. Japan also has one of the lowest crime rates in the world, making it a place where you can travel without thinking about your personal safety. Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection has a long history of asking travellers where they are going, why they are traveling and what constitutes a safe destination for them. Enter your email address to subscribe to the latest Travel Off Path travel news, directly to your inbox.

Fully vaccinated travelers must submit a negative PCR test performed within 72 hours of departure, download the country's contact tracing application and complete a travel authorization form through the Grenada government website on COVID-19. Every year without fail, no matter what happens in the world, Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection draws up its list of the safest places to travel. We then augmented those ratings with other indices and information, including the Global Peace Index and the State Department's own travel safety ratings. .


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