What do you need to do to travel to hawaii during covid-19?

Coming to Hawaii Individuals coming to Hawaii from should be prepared to undergo a 5-day quarantine upon arrival and closely monitor their health for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 OR undergo a pre-test from a trusted partner in the SafeTravels pre-test travel program. This applies to both visitors and residents. There are no travel restrictions for travel to Hawaii from the continental United States, as well as for travel within the Hawaiian Islands. Starting March 26, you no longer need to quarantine, take a COVID-19 test before you travel, or show proof of vaccination.

You also don't need to create a trip within the Safe Travels website for your U.S. UU. Travelers from the United States and its territories who are fully vaccinated can enter Hawaii without pre-travel testing or quarantine. The vaccination record must be uploaded to Safe Travels and printed before departure.

The traveler must have a printed copy in hand when arriving in Hawaii. For unvaccinated trans-Pacific travelers and all international travelers (through Nov. 8, 2020), the option of a state-approved pre-travel test continues to exist to visit Hawaii and avoid the mandatory 5-day quarantine requirement (number of days required) that was amended on Jan. 3, 202. To enter the United States, being fully vaccinated is the key requirement for international travelers over 18, as well as a test before leaving for Hawaii for all travelers over 2 years of age.

On these pages, you'll find travel requirements and tips for traveling to and from the Hawaiian Islands. All travel restrictions have been lifted between counties, meaning no pre-trip testing or quarantine are needed to travel between the Hawaiian Islands. Mahalo to all travelers who participated in the Safe Travels Hawaii program for the past two years. Travelers no longer have to complete a Safe Travels application to enter the Hawaiian Islands.

Travelers from the United States and its territories who choose not to participate in the state's Safe Travels program must be quarantined for five days or the duration of their stay, whichever is shorter.

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