What is travel safe in hawaiian?

Support yourself, your family and friends, and your communities across the. Trip Data · Tests & Isolation · While in Hawaii · Directory. Wondering if your carry-on baggage meets the size and weight requirements? Travel requirements can be complex. To help you navigate this important information, we outline the process for each country in which Hawaiian Airlines operates.

On these pages, you'll find travel requirements and tips for traveling to and from the Hawaiian Islands. There are no travel restrictions for travel to Hawaii from the continental United States, as well as for travel within the Hawaiian Islands. Starting March 26, you no longer need to quarantine, take a COVID-19 test before you travel, or show proof of vaccination. You also don't need to create a trip within the Safe Travels website for your U.S.

UU. In addition to our unchanged fee policy, we have COVID-19 travel exemptions available should your plans change. We have strengthened and improved cleaning procedures to keep your aircraft, as well as airport spaces, safe and clean. Gain a deeper connection to Hawaii with these helpful travel tips.

Get notified of low rates & special offers. Travelers no longer have to complete a Safe Travels application to enter the Hawaiian Islands. Mahalo to all travelers who participated in the Safe Travels Hawaii program for the past two years.

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