When safe travel europe?

Reopen Europe · EU digital COVID certificate · France · Portugal. For the most part, Europe is safe to travel alone. Being so well-established as a backpacker destination for decades, transportation is easy, accommodations plentiful, and routes are busy. Even so, we have some tips for solo travel in Europe to help you.

While travelers who have been vaccinated or recovered from the virus have been allowed to travel without restrictions until now, the unvaccinated and unrecovered had to meet additional entry rules when arriving in one of the Member States of the European Union. The most recent data released by the European Travel Commission (ETC) revealed that travel preference for Eastern destinations remains the same as last year, despite the war in Ukraine. However, after concluding that travel to these countries remains safe, travel figures have begun to show positive trends. Children must be in the correct car seats for their age (and may not be able to ride in the front seat); many countries also have regulations regarding the use of mobile phones and other electrical equipment while driving.

While most visits to Europe are 100% hassle-free, with nothing to worry about, there are still some safety issues that some travelers will encounter. Europeans are very used to the idea of traveling with children, so it's natural to have travelers in their own country with their children in tow. It is also best to book travel insurance with Covid coverage, in case your circumstances change during the trip.

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