Is travel safe during covid?

If you are traveling, wear a high-quality mask or respirator for as long as you are around others indoors. Traveling in a private vehicle (if possible) can reduce your chances of spreading COVID-19 to others. As the COVID-19 situation changes around the world, CDC is monitoring the risk of COVID-19 in destinations around the world and making travel recommendations. Regardless of where you go and how you get there, traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic is risky and can increase the spread of the virus.

CDC strongly recommends avoiding all non-essential travel, especially international travel. FCM Travel offers flexibility and agility through plug-and-play capability that makes it easy to book and manage corporate trips. If you must travel by air, the CDC and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) strongly recommend that travelers wear masks. Travelers who purchased travel insurance before COVID-19 became a “known event” may be covered for medical expenses and cancellations.

Hundreds of millions traveling to packed travel destinations aboard airplanes without Covid restrictions will produce millions of infections. Starting June 12, “international travelers will no longer need to show proof of a negative Covid test before boarding a flight to the United States, ending one of the country's latest pandemic-related travel requirements. Also download your travel company's mobile app to keep up to date with travel alerts and changing conditions. The Covid-19 pandemic grounded thousands of planes and delayed travel plans for all non-essential travelers.

Because travel can increase a person's chances of contracting and spreading COVID-19, guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on celebrating the holidays states that “postponing travel and staying home is the best way to protect yourself and others this year. Compared to air travel, traveling by car is a less risky way to travel during the COVID-19 pandemic. Places where large groups meet and mingle are equally susceptible, but COVID-19 travel bans have put the spotlight on air travel.

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